Sunday, November 28, 2010

30 Portraits/30 Days

Generally I'm happy with the results, wish I spent more time on some of them and was able to refine some of them, but learned a lot about different techniques. Here is the set.

Marker on Bristol

Ink, Watercolor on Duralar

Collage, Watercolor on Reeves BFK

Neocolor II, Acrylic on Canvas

Watercolor, Marker, Gel Pen on Bristol

Sumi Ink, White Acrylic on Bristol


Thread, Acrylic on Muslin

Cut Paper, Ink on Pastel Paper

Ink, Watercolor, White Acrylic, Charcoal on Reeves BFK

Pastel& Acrylic on Canvas

Watercolor, Gouache on Reeves BFK

Oil on Gessoboard


Ink on Mylar and Cutpaper

Colored Pencil, Wood Stain on Wood

Black Masking Tape

Watercolor on Watercolor Paper

Graphite on Bristol

Acrylic & Collage on Canvas

Ink, Gelly Roll Pen on Art Again Paper

Charcoal Pencil and White Pastel on Art Again Paper

Colored Pencil on Bristol

Neocolor II on Bristol

Charcoal, Pastel on Bristol

Pastel, Ink on Mylar

Pastel on Mylar

Watercolor, Pastel on Watercolor Paper

Casein on Wood Panel

Silk Painting on Silk

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