Thursday, August 27, 2009

Figure Studies- Planes of the Head

Since I've been doing the vast majority of my homework on campus (near a scanner) Hopefully I can dedicate some time each week to scan some items. Sketchbook & Finals will be on this blog..Head over to Process to see whats in Process. I've updated that one quite a bit...

Hopefully by the end of this weekend I'll have some Master Copy Paintings and Personal Sketchbook Drawings from Disney!..Gees this year I have to keep a ridiculous amount of Sketchbooks. Personal Sketchbook for Ill, Process Sketchbook for Media/Painting, Master Copy Sketchbook for Painting, Figure Studies Sketchbook for Figure...Goes on and ON!

This semester I'm taking:

Figure II w/ Custode
Painting I w/ Cody
Media w/ Brandes
Illustration w/ Chayka
American Creativity w/ Dean (aka Jerry Garcia)

So it should be a fun year!!!

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